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Beijing Betterstone Medical&Technology Co.,Ltd. of the support system of agents
     Northern Thai stone company management to rely on their own powerful operating system, network in the chain of science, on the effective management of the foundation, through its own function at very competitive advantage to support a full range of security measures, a wide range of returns, as well as the whole Services such as supervision of a wide range of organic combination of a sound set up, improve and support an effective security system. Security system to support the Northern Thai Shek agents are the core of the system.

1. Organization and management functions
     Northern Thai rock the past few years through the practice and exploration, following the "1 +1> 2" scale the principle of the system, combined with the modern enterprise management system, suitable to explore a set of organization and management of the industry model, it is because of the northern Thai Stone Company Organize the scientific management model, making the northern Thai stone to become a united, cooperative, efficient and innovative team organization.
2. Works nuclear function of the Governor
      Quality is the eternal subject. On quality management in northern Thailand many stone companies Governor class system, a comprehensive follow the "dynamic quality control of works" principle, through the construction of specialized personnel, quality of decoration materials, construction technology standardization, modernization construction equipment, construction management standardization " of five "to promote standards and strict control, so that the quality of the project has always been to maintain a high level, fully won the trust of consumers.
3. Marketing function
      Through years of successful experience in operation and the northern Thai stone company set up a relatively perfect system of market development. Carried out on the market at multi-level, multi-faceted General on basic research, through the northern Thai stone system assessment, formulate a reasonable and feasible market development planning, so as to rock the northern Thai Express, the development of effective market protection.
4. Promotional function Planning
     Northern Thai stone companies planning large-scale institutions, after the market changes, has maintained a trend of industry-leading, in-depth market and consumers on the basis of extensive research, set up a stone the size of northern Thailand complete corporate identity system, and through the overall the media mix, the first in the hearts of consumers to establish the status of the industry leading enterprise image. Selection of media, modalities, time, content and other aspects of the comprehensive analysis, concluded that combination of industry characteristics, the northern Thai stone set up its own mode of foreign propaganda, channels, and thus rapid, sustained, effective set a corporate image.
5. Business Analysis function
      Healthy business operations, can not be separated from business-to-business process analysis. Northern Thai stone by network operators on the operation of the national chain of management, concluded that the business process data, and through analysis of related data modules to the course of operations management, implementation of the healthy operation of the network agent.
6. Management function
      Northern Thai stone company related to the operation and management of the organic integration of modules, making the northern Thai stone company's operating management system need to be able to adapt to the market development for the company as a whole benign operation of the protection provided.
7. Functional Materials Development
      "Health" and "environmental protection" is the most basic health care requirements of decoration. Northern Thai stone from the date of the establishment, that is, scientific research units and related efforts, as well as well-known enterprises at home and abroad to develop a series of "health", "green" raw materials, decoration, and brand licensing and distribution system integrity, so that consumers really do with satisfaction, rest assured.
8. Technology development function
      Advanced technology, improve the competitiveness of enterprises are an important tool. Through the study at home and abroad, the company not to decorate the introduction of advanced technology industries, so that the northern Thai stone products and services related to scientific and technological content of trade has always been at the forefront.
9. Information function
      Today's society is a society of information. Northern Thai stone companies in order to be able to timely and accurate grasp of the dynamic development of the industry, the establishment of a special information functional departments, the relevant information through the collection, analysis, strategic development for the company to provide timely information to protect.
10. Functional training of trainers
      In order to maintain a competitive advantage the company's personnel, the establishment of the Northern Thai stone professional training institutions, and gradually establish and perfect the training system. Extensive training with various institutions and agencies to establish a good cooperation. Through a planned, ongoing training activities, will staff the theoretical knowledge and actual combat skills to carry out an effective integration of all staff to enhance the operational level and overall quality. At the same time, a good training mechanism also played an outstanding talent to attract external active role, so that the level of the company's human resources leader in the industry.
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