Intravenous Rack&orbit
Crashworthy Handrail.Wall-board&Corner
Avyanadhana handrails
Medical gas system&Fittings
Infusion Pump Bracket
Medical Curtain&Orbit

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◆ franchisee selection criteria:
And be able to agree with the northern Thai stone business philosophy, the development of ideas to reach a consensus.
Franchisee for the prospects of medical space, and "Shi-tai," the brand with confidence and positive and optimistic.
Must have the economic strength and management capacity.
With good credit at the local and social relations between the companies and individuals.
◆ audit approach:
1. Funds to join a credit review
To join those who have to have a certain strength of funds, with investment capacity.
To join those who have to have good credit.
To join those who have to have good social relations.
2. District audit
Whether or not to join those who have or will soon have their own place of business.
Joined the hospital where the condition of those who, in the high-earning capacity, as well as the level of consumption, such as whether the situation is suitable rocky northern Thai development strategies.
3. Franchisee information audit
To join the basic information and social experience.
Joined the sales team.
Joined the geopolitical relations.
Resources of their own franchisees.
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