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After-sales service center staff, most of Biomedical Engineering and Electronics of the professional engineer in mechanical engineering Hot Tel:13911066291 [more>>]
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Service purposes
Northern Thai smile Zero Stone Services
Northern Thai Stone Company at all times, willing to genuine enthusiasm, a sound management system for the world and supplier of medical equipment at all levels of hospital and community medical institutions with a full range of services!

Service Center
     Northern Service Center is located at Tai Shek in Chaoyang District, Beijing, Lu stores, covers an area of about 5 thousand square meters, workshop area of about 2000 square meters. Center facilities include a reception center foundation, simulated hospital, workshop, storage, transport, etc.; supporting services and facilities including conference rooms, training room, table tennis courts, hostels, restaurants and so on, is after-sales service and product installation, testing, maintenance, technical training Center.
     After-sales service center staff, most of Biomedical Engineering and Electronics of the professional engineer in mechanical engineering, the principles of medical equipment, structure and deal with failure analysis and has extensive experience; in accordance with the product category, the service center by the different engineering department responsible for the implementation of the Product after-sales service and technical support, after-sales service at the same time the whole system is in accordance with the unified system of quality management system and to carry out the work flow.
     At present, the northern Thai stone to the major hospital company to provide medical equipment installation, commissioning, maintenance, clinical operational guidance and technical training, service footprint throughout the country has 32 provinces and autonomous regions of more than 2000 hospitals.

Service Hotline
Free after-sales service telephone :010-85386306 85382438
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